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Green Up Dashboard
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A web hosted dashboard designed at the behest of Code for BTV and Green Up Vermont. I assembled a team of classmates and used the agile process to develop a dashboard for the display of data collected by a previously created phone app. The dashboard utilizes OOP to organize and distribute data pulled from a Firebase Database, and displays it using leaflet.js and charts.js. The web app is currently live on firebase hosting and is expected to be public facing by the end of the month.

About Chris

Chris is studying to be a full stack web developer at Burlington Code Academy and has experience with JavaScript, Node.js, React and Redux, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, NoSQL, and many other technologies. This is an exciting transition in his life and he's excited to put his skills, new and established, to work for an organization with purpose.

Chris has worked an assortment of positions in his professional life. He solved client IT problems for four years as a team lead for the University of Vermont's Techteam while earning bachelors degrees in wildlife biology and psychology. Since graduation he has tracked tortoises in the Mojave desert, taught curious learners of all ages at an outdoor education center in Bethlehem, New York, and researched raccoons around Burlington's urban landscape. He enjoyed the natural resources field but looks forward to the opportunity to use his other passion, technology, in a professional field that better fits his needs. His passions include hiking, puzzles, folk dance, knowing the names of all the trees, and playing way too much Overwatch.

Chris is an amateur photographer, and all of the background photography on this site is his work.